Chad Larson

Portfolio Manager, Senior Vice President

Born and raised for the most part in Calgary, Chad has solid roots and connectivity in Calgary and in the energy sector having a family active in the Oil and Gas community, this also afforded Chad the opportunity to spend his youth in Buenos Aires, Argentina attending a prestigious international school.

These experiences as a youth have allowed Chad to have an understanding of Global Economics and International Business all while never forgetting the meaning of a firm handshake and the importance of owns word.

This view of the world brought him together with Curtis Mayert in 2004 and over a coffee a casual conversation and a single handshake, the beginning of one of the country’s most successful teams and wealth management groups was born.

Unparalleled energy and dedication to his clients, the industry and his firm, Chad has over and over set himself apart and ahead of the pack in terms of business acumen, success and recognition.

Chad studied Economics overseas and completed his education with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Calgary.

Chad is the registered Portfolio Manager of the MLD Wealth Group. Chad’s approach to portfolio management is macro focused based on a solid understanding of economic variables and the causality of events has consistently provided for enhanced returns and reduced volatility in client portfolios.

Complimentary to his primary role as Portfolio Manager of MLD Wealth, Chad has been a founder, director, strategic advisor to numerous private and public companies, he understands what it means to be an entrepreneur, a business owner and a leader.

Chad’s personal life includes a loving and supportive spouse and two young children, a girl and boy. He enjoys the finer things in life and is constantly striving for achievement in business and in personal and family development. He recently travelled to Japan and spent a week back country touring on skis multiple peaks and volcanos throughout the northern island of Hokkaido.

Chad is one of those people you will meet who has a voracious and contagious energy, the charm and confidence to carry a room but the subtleties of someone you’ve known forever and can feel very comfortable around. Generous with his time and wealth to those close to him, his community and charitable causes near and dear to him and his family.

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