Investment Philosophy

We go above and beyond the traditional firm.

At MLD Wealth Management Group we continuously strive to rise above the conventional financial planning group. We also make a great effort to do far more than the traditional Investment Advisor. At the MLD Wealth Management Group, our ability to excel in various financial disciplines as well as align ourselves with strategic alliances and exclusive resources is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Our investment portfolios contemplate diversified asset mixes and cash flow to establish stability, consistent wealth building, and long-term risk adjusted returns. This approach mitigates one from relying strictly on asset appreciation that leaves you unnecessarily exposed to the ups and downs of the market.

A Broad Asset Mix

A solid investment strategy does not just rely on careful security selection or the timing of your investments. To hedge against the inherent risks in your portfolio and to optimize the potential return for your risk tolerance, it is vital to implement a broad asset allocation strategy.

Focusing too much on a single security or asset class leaves you vulnerable to risk and market volatility. To decrease this exposure, you must invest in a variety of asset classes and hold several securities within each class that are non-correlated. Having investments that are not strongly linked to each other means performance is driven by intentional selection rather than market swings.

In portfolio building, there are three main asset classes to consider: cash, fixed-income securities, and equities. Each class has its own characteristics in terms of protection and potential return, and each responds differently to market situations. The type of asset mix your create determines your portfolio’s risk level, which has a direct impact on its return potential.

Within each asset class, further diversification can also help mitigate risks, as it minimizes the negative impact that one under performing security will have on your overall portfolio.

The utmost care every step of the way.

At the MLD Wealth Management Group, we are committed to helping every single one of our clients have a plan in place that understands their investment needs.

This commitment begins with our team keeping informed of the the most recent changes in the markets to ensure we have the right asset mix and right balance of sectors to invest your wealth in.

We vigilantly exercise due diligence on each fund or security to assess if it is an investment that will help achieve your financial objectives.

We integrate investment strategy with your wealth plan by improving the overall tax efficiency of your portfolio. Special consideration is given to the types of investments held in each account; for example, ensuring that fixed-income investments are saved in registered accounts.


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