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Full Service Wealth Management Solutions

MLD Wealth Management is a full-service wealth planning group that offers a combination of sophisticated financial planning and comprehensive portfolio management, providing high-net worth individuals with a full suite of financial services to meet their needs and maximize their after-tax returns.

Our experts collaborate with other advisors, accountants, and lawyers to coordinate and ensure that everyone is working in alignment to achieve your financial goals and objectives.

While the below diagram is not exhaustive, this is a good example of the many solutions that MLD Wealth Management is able to offer to you.


Wealth Management

Investment Management

Our results come from focusing on the core principles that characterize the MLD Wealth Management approach to investment management, including a commitment to innovation, a systematic process, detailed risk management, a collaborative investment style, and a relentless focus on consistent results over the long run.

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Tax Planning

We will help you arrange your financial affairs so as to minimize your taxes. We can help you plan the most tax-efficient ways of holding your investments and overall assets, while guiding you through changing tax regulations.There are three primary ways to minimize your taxes, and each method may have several variations. You can reduce your income, increase your deductions, and take advantage of tax credits. During our initial consultation, our team will review your financial situation and help you establish a comprehensive tax strategy.

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Insurance Planning

A comprehensive financial plan wouldn’t be complete without adequate insurance. For all of the uncertainty that life throws your way, make sure you and your family are protected. Various insurance vehicles will help protect you and your family in different ways against the cost of: accidents, illness, disability, and death. Individuals’ needs for insurance vary widely by age, income, occupation and family situation – that’s why you need a team of competent professionals to provide you these important financial safeguards.

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Retirement Planning

Planning early for your retirement is very important as it usually takes many years to accumulate the necessary funds to live comfortably when you no longer enjoy the advantages of a salary or income from your business. If you begin your investing early in your working life, it will allow funds to compound and grow over the subsequent decades, so that you have substantial resources for navigating your retirement years. Our team can help you formulate a retirement plan, and optimize and use various financial instruments (i.e. TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs, etc.) available to help achieve your goals.

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Business Planning

We work with many business owners and entrepreneurs, and advise them as to how they can reduce taxes and management fees, optimize their asset structure, and mitigate risk in their business. We also collaborate with business brokers and lawyers if you are considering acquiring or exiting a business.

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Financial Planning

When structuring your finances, it’s important to have someone on your side you can trust. With the right game plan along with clear and actionable goals at every step of your journey, you can achieve financial success. Whether you’re financial planning for the first time or you simply require financial advice from seasoned advisors, we have the resources and experience to protect and grow your wealth. Specializing in personal and corporate portfolios, our experienced financial advisors will shield your wealth from unnecessary risk and seize opportunities you may not have been aware of. Invest in your future today by scheduling a financial consultation with one of our expert financial planners.

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Estate & Trust Planning

Planning your approach to preserving and distributing the wealth you’ve accumulated after your passing can be a stressful, confusing, and a highly emotional experience. Save yourself the frustration by allowing our highly-trained estate and trust experts to guide you through this important process. No matter what stage of the planning process you’re in, we’re here to help. If you’re in the process of planning your estate or trust, or your executing a plan for someone else, we’ll support and guide you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable professionals know how to minimize taxes and optimize your distribution plan to maximize the wealth distributed to your beneficiaries. Preserving your legacy with professionalism is our top priority.

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Private Banking

When your net worth begins to outgrow the traditional banking services you’ve used in the past, you’ll require banking with more options to suit your needs. That’s where we come in. When you choose MLD Wealth Management as your personal banking team, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to deliver bespoke solutions that are both comprehensive yet flexible enough to respond to each of your unique requirements. As your primary financial partners, we can draw upon our vast range of expertise not only to meet your current financial needs, but also to grow your wealth for the benefit of future generations as well as your philanthropic considerations.

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Credit Solutions

As your personal wealth increases, you may develop unique credit and lending needs to capitalize on new opportunities. Individuals with high net-worth require specialized lending options that regular financial institutions simply don’t offer. With MLD Wealth Management as your personal banking associates, you’ll have access to numerous lending and credit instruments that fit your specific situation.

From working capital loans to relationship-based credit accounts, real estate lending and other high-profile services, our credit options are built to match the needs of our clientele. No matter what your personal or commercial goals are, our team of banking experts will help you achieve them.

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Giving back to the community is admirable. Philanthropy helps those who need help the most. For many of our clients, charitable giving is an integral part of their financial plan. Whether you’re the manager of a charity group or simply a supporter of an already-established cause, our charitable giving experts can show you sustainable strategies that cover how and when to give – not just what to give. Let us help you evaluate your donation strategy options and maximize your philanthropic efforts by working with a MLD Wealth Management expert today.

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Concierge Services

At MLD Wealth Management, we understand that the varied, busy lives of our customers have needs that far surpass banking. That’s why our team is proud to offer concierge services for MLD Wealth Management clientele. Whether you’re looking for a conference room in a foreign city, booking a hotel, or searching for the perfect dinner location to entertain esteemed guests, our team of service coordinators and personal assistants can help accommodate your needs.

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Asset Allocation

Investment Policy Statement

An Investment Policy Statement is the first step towards working together and an integral part of your investment strategy. A well-crafted statement functions as both your strategy outline and as a baseline to reference once you’ve put your plan in motion. MLD Wealth Management’s portfolio managers can help you draft your investment policy statement and simplify your investment process. Our professionals are mindful of market trends and will go to great lengths to ensure that every element of your investment policy statement is aligned to your needs and financial goals. As we consistently monitor the performance of your plan, we’ll recommend changes to your policy to respond and adjust to market conditions.

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Portfolio Review & Rebalance

Market change can either open doors to new investment opportunities or prompt you to rethink your current strategy. MLD Wealth Management has capable, proactive professionals that regularly evaluate your portfolio in regards to the market’s current position and what its likely trajectory will be. As one of the many facets of our wealth management services, we’re dedicated to delivering our clients the high-quality results MLD Wealth Management has become known for.

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Sector & Geographic Selection

To keep your investment strategy competitive, our economic experts at MLD Wealth Management aim to maintain a healthy mixture of both industrially and geographically diverse portfolio options. We take into account the health and projected growth of hundreds of different industries, investing your wealth exactly where it needs to be to experience optimum growth at the lowest possible risk exposure. In international trade, information is key to your investment success. That’s why your personal wealth management advisor bases his or her decisions on years of professional expertise and an understanding of the current economic climate.

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Manager Selection

When selecting an investment manager, you need one with a track record of success. Banking with MLD Wealth Management allows you to choose from numerous wealth management officials. We search through thousands of candidates when we hire – using unbiased, quantitative measurements for success to pick the right professionals for our management team that provide you only the best in asset management services.

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Risk Management

All investments come with a certain number of inherent risks. However, the difference between a successful strategy and an underperforming one is risk management. MLD Wealth Management’s team of investment assistants are constantly measuring the potential payout of new investment opportunities versus the danger they pose to your assets, communicating clearly and effectively on proposed next steps with you. Keep your portfolio protected from unnecessary risk by contacting one of our team members today.

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Performance Review

To keep your portfolio optimized for delivering on your objectives, it is essential that your investment strategy must be periodically reviewed and iterated to maintain performance. At MLD Wealth Management, we are one of our toughest critics. We monitor and review your portfolio with you on a frequent basis ensuring it is performing well given market conditions while meetings your financial plan.

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Market Research

While experience is an indispensable resource to have in a team of banking specialists, research is what drives financial innovation. Through the combination of reliable past tactics and agile, informed responses to the current market, MLD Wealth Management officials can help keep your portfolio competitive in a constantly shifting global economy.

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Tax Reporting

One of the most confusing and frustrating parts of owning and managing a business is the tax preparation process. We have strong relationships with some of Calgary’s best tax professionals that have intimate knowledge of the intricacies of Canada’s tax system, which parts apply to you, and how you can strategically offset your tax burdens. Offering helpful advice and hassle-free tax reporting services for your company, MLD Wealth Management provides comprehensive and efficient tax reporting for high grossing businesses.

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Gain/Loss Summaries

When you manage your taxes with MLD Wealth Management you’ll receive clear, in-depth gain/loss summaries. Clear gain/loss summaries and reports are essential to fully understanding and improving your wealth management plan for yourself or your business. We break our gain/loss reports down into easy-to-understand, clearly defined sections so you can identify exactly where your financial strategy is succeeding, and where it needs revision.

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Accounting Liaison Service

MLD Wealth Management offers top-of-the-line intermediary services. With your business’ unique needs in mind, we’ll pair you with the perfect accountant or firm to help grow and maintain your business. Each of our highly-trained accounting associates understand the fine points of clear, efficient tax reporting. Fostering teamwork and collaborative improvement between our associates and your business’s accounting team, we’ll work to ensure you’re matched with professionals that intimately understand your business’s accounting needs.

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Estate Optimization

Over the course of your life you’ll work hard to accrue wealth which in turn will benefit your successors. We can help make your estate a legacy and set your next generation up for success. From complex estate planning to structuring your estate’s distribution strategy, MLD Wealth Management will help make what at first seems complex, simple. We’ll help you design an all-inclusive financial plan that takes into consideration the many facets of your wealth distribution needs.

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Trust & Holdco Review

MLD Wealth Management offers a wide selection of trust and holding company investment instruments to protect your assets and facilitate their transferral to your beneficiaries. Tailored to the specific long-term estate and wealth distribution goals you have in mind, we’ll provide you with the right approach to fit your needs. The transfer of wealth through these instruments benefit from certain advantages such as deferred personal tax and, in the case of a holding company, the possibility of tax-free wealth flow from the operating company. Contact one of our accounting specialists today to learn how these powerful tools can protect your wealth for later generations.

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Power of Attorney

The ability to speak for you or your company is a decision you wouldn’t give to anyone. You need a trusted official to represent you or your company’s best interests. With the expert advice of MLD Wealth Management, we’ll help advise you in finding a power of attorney that can understand and represent your unique needs and execute decisions on your behalf. Let us help you through this process and match you with someone that will handle the responsibility with care and integrity.

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Last Will & Testament Review

As you grow older, your needs will change and your Last Will and Testament may need to be reviewed and adjusted. Maintaining an up-to-date draft of your will by way of frequent review will simplify a trying time in the lives of your beneficiaries. Make sure the conditions of your will are clear and effective by visiting with an MLD Wealth Management agent today. We’re dedicated to making your testament’s plan actionable, clear, and easy-to-follow in order to benefit all parties involved.

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Coordination of Estate Planning

Our team of estate planners will help identify and articulate your financial goals in the process of organizing your estate. As a full-service wealth management firm, we’ll show you how to minimize taxation on the wealth you distribute once the plan is enacted, as well as exactly who you can trust to put that distribution strategy into place. Together, we’ll accomplish your estate goals – from preparing your official documents, taking inventory on your debts and assets, to planning the disbursement of your wealth to your beneficiaries.

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Tax Consultation

The variety of portfolio structures can sometimes make tax reporting an arduous endeavor. A highly diverse portfolio can often be fraught potential missteps. Our tax experts will help you prepare for tax season so that you will be able to adhere to federal and provincial tax requirements. Our tax professionals at MLD Wealth Management will help you optimize your tax reports to lessen your tax burden.

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Account Services

Cash Management

Whether you’re managing direct deposits, administering payroll, managing account receivables, or monitoring pending checks, MLD Wealth Management can advise on cash management services to ensure your company is firing on all cylinders.

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With MLD Wealth Management on your side, executing global trades is made considerably easier. Our personal bankers are dedicated to the success of your company both at home and abroad. We offer Letters of Credit, currency exchange services, document collections, and more to maximize your performance abroad. With a team of multicultural and multilingual professionals, we have the necessary resources to guide you through the world of global transactions.

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Insider Reporting

If you own a significant portion of a company’s stock, you’re legally required to file insider reports on your ownership, obligation, or control over the company in question. To keep you in-stride with federal law, MLD Wealth Management offers a number of services to help facilitate the reporting process. As your personal banking team, we can create a complete report of your holdings and the company influence you possess.

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Regulatory Compliance

Our team of passionate bankers and financial advisors have an intimate understanding of Canadian and American investment regulations. As MLD Wealth Management keeps abreast on the newest developments in the financial sector, you’ll find solace in the fact that you’re being served by knowledgeable professionals. While we help you pursue your financial goals and investment objectives, we’ll ensure you meet compliance and avoid unnecessary regulatory conflicts.

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FATCA / AML Management

For US citizens that are non-US residents, it’s extremely important that your financial institution has the correct systems in place to remain FATCA compliant. MLD Wealth Management prides itself in its ability to swiftly and efficiently meet every requirement the US government has set forth for Foreign Financial Institution (FFIs). Our establishment has already reviewed, met, and maintained the necessary transparencies to keep you and your assets safe from undue scrutiny.

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