Legacy Bonds

What exactly are Legacy Bonds?

A legacy bond is designed to help you pass on your wealth in a tax efficient manner with the added peace of mind that you are able to enjoy ‘income’ from your capital. ‘Income’ payments are withdrawals of capital. This unique financial assurance is structured in a way that enables your capital to be invested during your lifetime so it has the ability to grow both before and after your passing.

Legacy bonds are savings tools that provide a source of income for both you and your beneficiaries in the form of periodic dividends. They can be thought of as a traditional corporate or government bond with added survivor’s benefits. With varying rates at which these investments mature, purchasing this type of bond as part of your estate establishment strategy is an elegant way to pass on wealth to future generations.

Are Legacy Bonds right for me?

If your portfolio and investment strategies encompass one or more of the following goals, a legacy bond may be the perfect fit for you. Such tools are great for:

When Should I start a Legacy Bond?

As with most estate plans, the earlier you begin investing, the better. While it’s never too late to start saving for your retirement and estate, you’re able to receive the highest interest yield when you start young. This is only partly due to the fact that it’s simply had more time to gain; you also tend to receive tolerate higher risk high yield investments if you’re a healthy early-bird investor that chooses to invest for a longer period of time.

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