Private Pools

What is a private pool investment?

MLD Wealth Management offers private investment pools which offer clients professionally managed portfolio investment opportunities. As a private pool investor, you own shares of the pool in your account. And because each pool contains a diverse selection of securities, they are ideal to help you optimize your strategy.

Private pools let you benefit from professional management services for a diverse selection of investments at highly-competitive rates. If you are looking for a simple, robust solution that saves you time and frees you of the concerns typically associated with the investment process, private pools may be the right solution for you.

By choosing to invest in private pools managed by MLD Wealth Management, you’ll receive:


Personalization of a Private Pool Investment

When you choose to invest in a private pool, you’re purchasing shares in a collection of curated, high-value companies along with other VIP clientele. MLD Wealth Management offers a plentiful array of personal pools to fit your investment needs that are overseen by teams of professionals and designed to capitalize on specific and market opportunities.


Crafting unique investment strategies for discerning, high net worth individuals is what MLD Wealth Management specializes in. We offer our specialized private pools exclusively to fee-based investment managers that have your portfolio’s health foremost in their minds – not their own commission.


Offering plenty of flexibility in each manager’s approach to your investment needs while maintaining the efficacy of your chosen private pool, MLD Wealth Management allows your managers to be highly competitive in their fee structure and yield impressive results. You’ll benefit from high-volume purchasing and selling of your shares and an ad-hoc approach to your distinctive personal pool needs.


Each private pool investor’s portfolio strategies are concisely summed up in policy statements that help govern your particular wealth management strategy. You’re able to know exactly how your shares will be managed in your personal pool with this essential document and its prospectus counterpart, which describes the goals of the specific pool you invest in. Our approach to personal pool investment allows transparency and more in-depth reporting than traditional investment strategies.


Your investment approach can vary depending on your preferred market. Choose from a wealth of different diversification options, such as the ability to base your personal pool on corporate trusts or Canadian or US dollar based funds. You also have the power to specify whether your aim is to gain equity or growth and income from your investment.

Many investors feel that private pool investment is synonymous with purchasing into a mutual fund; however, there are important distinctions between the two. Private pools are a more refined, high-yield approach in that:

The MLD Difference

MLD Wealth Management is committed to bringing more investment freedom to our high net worth customers. Each private pool benefits from consistent oversight and analytics-based management decisions. By combining the high-volume purchasing power of our unique client base, we’re able to yield high-impact results and offer competitive fees to maximize the return on each of your transactions. To learn more about how you can benefit from our top-tier private pool investment selection, contact an MLD Wealth Management associate today to book your free consultation.


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