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At National Bank Financial — Wealth Management, we see investing as a science — a robust evaluation and selection process of investment strategies. We build on the expertise of world-renowned managers, and support our portfolios with transparent and intelligent rebalancing.

We also believe that there is an art to wealth management advice : a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, craftsmanship that comes from years of experience, and communications proficiency gained over time.

The two come together as myWEALTH — Unified, a fully orchestrated discretionary solution, uniquely designed for you. As your primary financial partner, we draw upon our vast experience to meet your financial needs, to grow your wealth and that of your family and future generations. By channeling our agility and expertise, we bring you highly personalized investment portfolios based on five pillars.


We are fully committed to our clients and their needs. We believe you are entitled to the best solutions and services available. Upholding this standard for our clientele is what sets us apart and inspires us to move forward independently.

This is why we remain true to an “open architecture” approach, allowing us to work exclusively with best-of breed strategies offered by portfolio managers from across the world to provide you with a truly unparalleled investment experience.

It is important that your account be managed using a combination of different third-party investment funds, each effectively taking charge of a portion of your assets according to their specialty. Different investment styles are, in fact, rewarded at different times during an economic cycle. Typically, the world’s top investment managers focus on one management style, or often, on one asset class. In the end, our goal is simple: to provide a top-tier service and portfolio return offering that will optimize diversification and balance risk and return for our myWEALTH — Unified clients.


When selecting and monitoring investment funds and ETFs, we set the bar high and make your aspirations our main priority. With the help of a dedicated team of specialists, we examine broad market themes, we employ a rigorous selection process and we ensure our service and product offering is always reflective of the industry’s best practices.

Our four-step approach is proof of our diligence when constructing an effective, diverse and complete portfolio tailored to your needs.

A Systematic Top-down Approach

We assess the overall economic backdrop. Risks are identified and asset class returns are forecasted to assess potential outcomes. We select investment funds and ETFs from world-renowned portfolio managers and implement an evaluation of their risk-adjusted returns over different time periods.

We optimize our portfolio offering and react to major shifts in the market. We follow an ongoing monitoring process to ensure that the underlying investment fund and ETF portfolio managers respect our excellence criteria.


When entrusting us with the management of your assets, you can be sure that our approach is hands-on. Markets are in constant evolution and short-term events may present opportunities to leverage the myWEALTH — Unified program. At times, some asset classes may temporarily take a back seat while others may be called upon to play a more significant role in your portfolio. Similarly, if the economic outlook is weak and risk assets are expected to pull back, we can increase our allocation to more conservative investments and help limit the downside risk in your portfolio. With rebalancing and tactical asset allocation, we ensure transparent rebalancing of your portfolio to your long-term investment goals, while providing the benefits of short-term


Building and preserving a legacy is a lifelong process. Regardless of your age, financial status or personal circumstances, it requires hard work, careful planning and the right circle of influence. At National Bank Financial — Wealth Management, we understand what it takes to maximize your wealth and protect your legacy — not just for you, but for the benefit of your family and generations to come. As such, whether you have already established your footprint, or are slowly building something you can be proud of, we will ensure your portfolio includes some of the best investment vehicles at the best price.


With myWEALTH — Unified, benefit from an exclusive feature called householding. The premise is simple: combine your accounts with eligible family members and capitalize on lower management fees. With each eligible family member that joins the household, management fees become more attractive for all of its members. myWEALTH — Unified allows you to benefit from the following built-in features:

1. Option to extend cost savings to your direct family members (spouse, parents and children) through family pricing.

2. Automatic fee reductions when the value of your household’s assets hits certain thresholds – every dollar counts!

3. All or part of your program management fees may be deductible for income tax purposes – consult your tax specialist for more information.


Baskets are remarkable investment tools that suit many investor profiles. They combine professional asset management with a vast array of investment options. When you invest in a Basket, you purchase a diversified selection of investments (stocks, bonds, etc.) in one single move, and thereby become the owner of several distinct securities.

Two of the main advantages of baskets are that they allow you to save considerably on trading commissions while giving you the opportunity to benefit from professional discretionary management services.
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Private Pools

National Bank Financial – Wealth Management offers Private Pools, which offer clients the opportunity to invest in a professionally managed portfolio. As a private pool investor, you own units of the pool in your account. As each pool contains a uniquely diversified selection of securities, there is sure to be one made just for you!

In addition, Private Pools bring you professional management services and a vast diversification of investments at an affordable cost. So if you are looking for a simple turnkey solution that you time and frees you of the typical concerns associated with the investment process, Private pools may be the right solution for you.
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