Women in Transition

While society is more aware and sensitive to gender equality issues than ever before, many obstacles still exist for women with respect to financial management, divorce trends, and life longevity.

With the majority of staff at MLD being women, we know that women deal with a whole set of challenges entirely different from men. That’s why we’re here to provide the advice you need when critical events threaten your financial well being or long term security. Two such events are Divorce and Widowhood.


The Financial Challenges of Dealing with a Divorce

According to Statistics Canada, about 38 per cent of all marriages taking place in 2004 will have ended in divorce by 2035. That number is even higher for baby boomers and draws concern by women approaching retirement who are particularly vulnerable to financial heartache.

Here are a few things to consider in a divorce:

The Financial Challenges of A Widow in Transition

While still dealing the emotional pain of losing your partner, most women will also have to deal with the burden of getting their finances in order and setting a new course. For many it can be daunting.

Some of the challenges women in transition will deal with are:

Let MLD Wealth Advisors Help You

We measure success with our clients by seeing them accomplish their life goals, and money is one of the tools to enable these accomplishments.

We work with women in transition following divorce or widowhood, to navigate the complexities of their new financial situation, and provide direction in order to make good financial decisions. This is done by taking stock of your situation, developing a personalized financial strategy, and creating a roadmap so can you achieve financial security for you and your family.


Trained and Certified Experts

MLD Wealth Advisors are trained and certified by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.

The Institute provides comprehensive training using a variety of knowledge and skill-building techniques to help advisors assist their clients with financial issues that will affect the rest of their lives, from asset splitting to spousal and child support.

Schedule an introduction with MLD Wealth Management and secure your financial future.

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